Special Olympics Scarf Project 2018

I will be helping out again this year. I plan to help out New Hampshire, Maine and Delaware.

Delaware needs 100 scarves.


New Hampshire needs 350 hats, scarves, ear warmers




Maine is looking for 500 scarves, hats.



Not sure what my yarn stash will let me make just yet. I will be starting in September on my evening walks 🙂


I’m Back….

Its been almost a year since I wrote here. Sorry about that.

The scarf I was working on was finished and sent to the MA special Olympics bowling league as requested.

Here is the scarf I sent..


It looks like the lady in the white long sleeve shirt in the front row is wearing my scarf. Or someone in the back row behind the second girl on the left. hard to tell.



Everyone did an amazing job last year.

Unfortunately the Ravelry group I am in( Special Olympics Scarf Projects) wasn’t asked to make them again this year. I guess they will just reuse these.

But Maine and New Hampshire did ask for help and I will come to the rescue!  🙂

New Hampshire

Colors: Red, Grey, White
Goal: 350 (hat, scarf, ear warmers)
Deadline: 31 January 2018


Colors: Purple, Grey, Black
Goal: 500 (scarf, hat)
Deadline: 17 January 2018


I might crochet and knit a few items for each state then move on to see if the others (Wyoming, Kansas ,Missouri , Texas , Alaska, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Arkansas and South Dakota) need help meeting their request.

Halloween Addition

Sunday I went on another walk. Nothing exciting happened. I was a bit bummed that no one has any good Halloween decorations out in front of their houses . It looks like the few people that decorated went to family dollar and bought their cheapy decorations 😦 Hopefully they will have awesome Christmas decorations set up next month.

Like I said nothing exciting happened. So no pics this post. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees. It was a gloomy day. But it was a nice 72 degrees here in Hope Valley, RI.  🙂

I got a bunch of rows done since the last post. Last Thursday I didnt got for a walk because it was raining so I had to make up for it. . I ran out of yarn with ball one ( I seperated the skein into 3 balls for easier traveling –I use a small bag that hangs from my wrist.)a bit past half way to my desination. So I had to stop . I added the 2nd ball when I got home so I would not forget to bring it with me on Tuesday.

Here is my progress…..



I want to get this done by next week so I can move on to another project.

Part 2

The Walking Hooker sounds more fun🙂

Sunday ( 10/16) was my second walk while crocheting. I decided to just double crochet instead of post stitches. I got more rows done that way and I plan to start over. I am not liking this yarn to much. Before the color change it has orange spotting on the white.

I enjoyed my walk . Looking up to look at the changing leaves. I love living in New England. Autumn is my favorite season.

Tuesday I brought my camera. I took a bunch of pictures .

A neighbor has chickens , roosters and ducks.

Look at that color❤

I live in the same area that Billy Gilman grew up in so yes you read that sign right. ( i am not a fan though. And I do not watch the Voice.)


As I was waiting for my fiance to get out of work, the McDonald’s near by was calling my name.😦 All I ordered were nuggets.



And here is the new and improved scarf. I went with the moss stitch. So much better than before.

OH I got recognized. A lady saw me walking last Thursday and wondered what I was doing but didn’t say anything. well she spotted me today and asked , I told her and she thought it was awesome.  I also got whistled at and beeped at..lol I dont think it was because I was crocheting.. just people with bad eye sight..lol

Starting out.. part 1

I have a plan to lose weight and crochet more…. because I dont crochet enough.. yeah right.

I plan to walk 2 miles every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.. weather permitting. My first project will be a scarf for the special Olympics.

I started yesterday (Thursday) . I have to say its a little weird walking while focusing on something in your hands. I almost ran in to a wall..lol

A few people asked what I was doing.. mainly cops . The first one was giving someone a ticket on the other side of the road when he noticed me.. He asked what I was doing in a curious tone . I said I am making a scarf for the special Olympics. He smiled and told me to pay attention to my surroundings.  ( today’s tip DONT SPEED)

The second one was pulling out of the gas station and asked me what I was doing, I told him . He told me his mother and sister knit and told me to be careful.

I had to stop when I reached the highway on and off ramps. I definitely need to pay attention around there.

My destinations was my fiances work.  which is 2 miles from our house. I was early so I sat in the car. I left our place at about 2:30 and according to the clock outside of the bank before I stopped it was 3:04. I got a good chunk done in that time.


I will keep you updated🙂